Modus operandi for a “one day” design process.

Planning: I’ve half a day for planning, input, output, reviews. During the lunch break the design verification, in the afternoon the design validation.

Input: How to take a self-portrait movie, from the ground level, riding the bike? I was looking for a “getto solution” looking for something useful around me. A bar to hold the camera in a proper position

Output: a cardboard roll for plotter paper is rigid, light, cheap, environmental friendly, it can be  easily disposed after use, avilable. A rubber band is simple, available and efficient. Some cuts in a proper position.

Review: A small movie was shoot. The cardboard bar was outside the camera field and far away enough to be interesting. The rubber band was strong enough to safely hold the camera. The system is light enough to be wieldy.

Verification: A final short video will be shot riding the bike.

Validation: The design will be documented and posted.


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