“Light-tech” philosopy, in my doctoral thesis.

The Subject of my graduation thesis was “Design of an Urban Hybrid powered Vehicle”. More important of the final result, a tricycle powered by pedals and an electric engine, was the work of three years, from 1994 to 1997, about bicycle design and “bicycle friendly” urban environment design.

It was A research: on the field, riding in town and meeting people in fairs or visiting factories and designer atelier; inside books and magazines, especially architectural and design magazines, where it was easier to find research of other designers, such as Lucci and Orlandini, Sapper and Aulenti or Mark Sanders; For the first time for me, on the Worldwide Web, on a small number but interesting internet sites, searching for contents, pictures and new keywords, like “recumbent” or “HPV” (acronymous of “Human Powered Vehicle”).

After years I keep on being interested about bicycle culture and it’s “light-tech” Philosophy. 



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