Applied Arts

Graphic Design and Illustration.

I believe in Visual Art as content, in order to communicate with emotions, to better and faster share ideas.

I like to use my drawing skills as writing a message, to be transmitted by web, mail, paper, video. Graphic design is the way to add value to the message, to the image and make it more ergonomic, readable, beautiful.

When I like a song I listen to it so many times up to catch single instrument play, voices. When I like a phrase, a poem, I try to remeber it by repeating it many times. To be sure that I like a drawing of mine, I have to feel necessary to look back at it many times.

I periodically renew my influences. Searching for inspiration I discover new affinity. I love Milton Glaser work and words. In my bookshelf I like to have Michele Tranquillini, Hugo Pratt, Communication Arts.



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