Modus Operandi

To do what’s best with the available resources.

Easy to be Steve jobs in California. What about being Jobs in Naples?

If you think in big, you can’t do everything alone. A team makes ideas reality, with additional know how, competencies, time, skills. The designer seems to be key role of a team as coordinator, able to understand the right question that need an answer for first, able to understand the useful skills to be acquired.

A fluid team should be the right way to reach a goal in the right time, with the defined amount of energy.  Coordinated people, that works together, at the same time, with the same methodology, with complementary skills and personal goals, are the right team to complete a design, big in reason of a question complexity or the time availability.

Web vision. The actual phase of the internet, more than a structure, field of designer and programmers, an original content seems to be what the people need. Illustration, photography or customized typography is what I’m interested about and I like to give as contribute of empty structures of wordpress themes, blogs, FB pages.



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